2014 FIBA Women's World Basketball Championship Live Scores

Ganon Baker - Two Ball Passing Drill

Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker shows you several drills to improve passing with both hands.


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22 July 2013
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Great video! I love basketball and this video actually help me so much. http://digitaleoptionen.yolasite.com/

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8 July 2013
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I think that this drill will help players to become more agressive in attacking the paint. This is because it targets the footwork of the player which is necessary in making quick bursts to the paint area. This will ensure a higher percentage of field goals in the long run.


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1 July 2013
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If this drill is as effective as you say it is, how come not a lot of teams use this in their practice routine? While it looks good, maybe it is not applicable for many teams. I think it will depend on the kind of playing style that they have.


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9 March 2013
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This passing drill seems easy to do, but you and your training partner must be fully coordinated in order to execute this properly.  This drill can help improve the coordination of the team especially when doing offensive setups.  I would definitely recommend this one to our team.


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I will try this training with my girl friend :) I am nooby in this game :) I love football