Ganon Baker - Passing Techniques

Basketball trainer Ganon Baker teaches several techniques to pass the ball effectively while under heavy defensive pressure

Ganon Baker - Beat your defender off the dribble

Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker teaches the proper footwork to beat your defender off the dribble.

Ganon Baker - Motivation

Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker gives some personal advice and motivation to help you improve your game

Ganon Baker - How to Split Two Defenders

Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker breaks down the footwork on several ways to separate two defenders. ;

Ganon Baker- Ways to Separate off the Dribble

Basketball trainer Ganon Baker teaches you ways to separate off the dribble. He breaks down several moves used by Chamique Holdsclaw to improve our mid-range game.

Ganon Baker Catch and Shoot Drill

Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker shows the correct footwork to efficiently catch and shoot the basketball/