John Lucas' Last Run features top Texas talent

October 1, 2013 - 1:20pm
2017 Alexis Morris and 2018 Zarielle Green both impressed at the John Lucas Last Run event. (Photo by Simmie Colson)

2017 Alexis Morris and 2018 Zarielle Green both impressed at the John Lucas Last Run event. (Photo by Simmie Colson)

HOUSTON , TX- The John Lucas Last Run Tournament sprinted out early Saturday morning and by the time race was over Sunday evening there was no doubt that his initial event came in first. Wall-to-wall college coaches had a chance to see some of the top players in the country including several Full Court Fresh 50 candidates that are also grabbing or have grabbed attention from many colleges and I'm talking BCS level. With many of the top 2017 and 2018 players in the country under one roof, you know I was in "The Zone" which ironically is where the tournament was held.


Brooke McCarty, 5-4 guard, Clear Springs HS (League City, TX)

McCarty continues to amaze me and it’s been at least six years since I first called her the chosen one but the Texas commit is simply one of those players that makes everyone around her better. She's worth 20 points to her high school team without scoring yet she can score in bunches if needed. Her half-court shot to send the event opener into overtime told me I was at the right place -- oh she dropped 30 and averaged in the high twenties for the event.

Sasha Cedeno, 6’0 guard, Klein Oak HS (Houston TX)

Cedeno suited up for her 3T Elite club team and was just as impressive as she got her shot off whenever she wanted. She’s a big guard that can handle the ball and score.  She has been effective at times running the one and can play multiple positions well. She certainly helped herself as some colleges didn't know anything about her -- they do now.

Caylinne Martin, 6-3 forward, Langham Creek HS (Houston TX)

Martin suited up for her Triple D squad and gave a double-double every game, that’s no surprise because that’s usually the norm. Athletic and aggressive, she has continued to work on the little things over the years and is one of the top players in Texas in the 2014 class.


Jasmine Butler, 6-1 forward, Pearland HS (Pearland TX)

Butler suited up for her Cy Fair Nike Nationals team and picked up right where she left off over the summer as she showed she could simply dominate in the paint. Her ability to face the basket and hit the short jumper continues to improve along with taking defenders off the dribble.

Erica Ogwumike, 6-0 forward, Cy Woods HS (Cypress TX)

Erica can play multiple positions in college, just like she does in high school and club ball, not to mention score inside and outside and I’m talking way outside. The baby of the Ogwumike bunch is an excellent defender as well as shot blocker, she showed that throughout the event and is one of the main reasons I have her school advancing in the playoffs.


Jasmyne Harris, 6-0 forward, Brazosport HS (Brazosport TX)

Harris played with Houston Lady Phenoms team and she did simply what she does, everything. She can score from anywhere, handle the ball, defend and rebound, oh yeah, she can pass as well but her ability is sometimes indescribable as she has hand, time, and body control better than some guys.


Alexis Morris, 5-6 guard, Legacy Christian HS (Beaumont TX)

I’ll sum it up like this, she’s simply amazing and when you figure I haven’t said that about too many players, you’ll know where I’m placing her. She helped her DFW Elite Blue Collar squad put in the work and her ability to create for herself and others, her ability to score, her knowledge of the game, all at this young age has her on the short list for the top awards by the time she’s a senior.

Chasity Patterson, 5-6 guard, North Shore HS (Houston TX)

Several people have been waiting a long time for this young lady to arrive in high school, she arrived for me three years ago when I watched her going through some drills for 10 minutes and I labeled her “The Future” . She’s arrived and adds a new dimension to her school teams, those six contested threes in their final game sort off tells the story but it’s nowhere near how the final chapter ends as she too will be among those on the short list.


Zarielle Green, 6-0 forward, Kenemer MS (Dallas TX)

The name of her club team says it all, Fly Swift Elite because this young lady can do just about everything. She can Fly through the air and score multiple ways, her first step is deceptively Swift and being the Elite player she is, she truly understands the game and on top of all that she’s a very unselfish player that can play multiple positions.

Charli Collier, 6-3 post, Crosby MS (Crosby Texas)

Several college coaches were in disbelief that Collier hadn’t committed anywhere but as I pointed out she was only an eighth grader, she is in a position to go just about anywhere she wants. She has a college ready body and is still learning some things on both ends however she has already been labeled “BEAST” by myself and will be terrorizing teams near you and I don’t just throw labels out there.