Ariel Atkins moved into the top five of the Full Court Fresh 50 player rankings after a very strong summer that included guiding Cy-Fair to the Nike Nationals title. (Photo by Kelly Kline)
Ariel Atkins moved into the top five of the Full Court Fresh 50 player rankings after a very strong summer that included guiding Cy-Fair to the Nike Nationals title. (Photo by Kelly Kline)

New 2014 Full Court Fresh 50 rankings feature some surprises

September 16, 2013 - 2:59pm

This summer, the Full Court staff attended over a dozen major events, and now after putting our heads together, we've made some carefully considered adjustments to the 2014 Full Court Fresh 50 player rankings.

While the top two remain the same (No. 1 Brianna Turner, No. 2 A’ja Wilson), the rest of the top 10 has seen several shifts. First off, Ohio State commit Kelsey Mitchell moved up a spot to No. 3, as the show-stopping point guard is the real deal and will have an immediate impact for the Buckeyes upon her arrival.

After a sensational summer, Ariel Atkins, who a year ago was just starting to turn heads, has rocketed to the No. 4 spot, up from No. 9. The Texas commit guided Cy-Fair to the Nike Nationals championship after dropping 31 points on the Cal Stars. Atkins is one of five players from the state of Texas in the top 25, and our Lone Star State authority, Simmie Colson, ranked players in the state like this: Brianna Turner, Ariel Atkins, Brooke McCarty, Recee’ Caldwell and McKenzie Calvert -- and you’ll notice our rankings follow suit.

Oregonian Jaime Nared is another player who made a big jump, as the 6-2 guard is up from No. 15 to No. 9 for her first appearance in the Full Court top ten. Nared is extremely versatile with the ability to score inside and outside. Nearly every school in the Pac-12 as well as Ohio State, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, Duke and Rutgers is heavily recruiting her.

Rounding out our top 10 is LaJahna Drummer, who crept in after moving up from No. 11. Drummer, who recently committed to UCLA, showed she is fully recovered from ACL surgery, as she was a physical beast for the Cal Sparks.

In the Fresh 50 for the first time are Asia Robeson, Haley Lorenzen and Chatrice White, and out are McKenzie Engram, Erica Moore and Kaylee Page.

For breakdowns on the players and video of many, go to the 2014 Full Court Fresh 50 rankings, but here's a quick look: 

Complete list of movement

  1. Brianna Turner – same
  2. A’ja Wilson – same
  3. Kelsey Mitchell – up from No. 4
  4. Ariel Atkins – up from No. 9
  5. Jatarie White – same
  6. Victoria Vivians – same
  7. Jordin Canada – down from No. 3
  8. Gabby Green – same
  9. Jaime Nared – up from No. 15
  10. LaJahna Drummer – up from No. 11
  11. Sierra Calhoun – down from No. 10
  12. Shakayla Thomas – same
  13. Gabby Williams – same
  14. Lynee Belton – same
  15. Azura Stephens - down from No. 7
  16. Mikayla Venson – same
  17. Brooke McCarty – up from No. 18
  18. Taylor Rooks – up from No 19
  19. Recee’ Caldwell – up from No. 21
  20. Gabrielle Ortiz – same
  21. McKenzie Calvert – down from No. 17
  22. Alyssa Rice – same
  23. Aliyah Huland-El – same
  24. Myisha Hines-Allen – same
  25. Mariya Moore – same
  26. Kaydra Duckett – same
  27. Monique Billings – up from No. 28
  28. Zaire O’Neil – up from No. 29
  29. Kelli Hayes – up from No. 30
  30. Kenisha Bell – up from No. 31
  31. Courtney Ekmark – up from No. 32
  32. Alexa Middleton – up from No. 33
  33. Katelynn Flaherty – up from No. 34
  34. Bianca Cuevas – up from No. 35
  35. Kathryn Westbeld – up from No. 36
  36. Asia Robeson – in for first time
  37. Natalie Romeo – down from No. 27
  38. Sadie Edwards – same
  39. Brittney McPhee – up from No. 49
  40. Haley Lorenzen – in for first time
  41. Mikayla Cowling – down from No. 40
  42. Christa Reed – down from No. 41
  43. Abrianna Porter – down from No. 42
  44. Jamie Cherry – same
  45. Dekeiya Cohen – same
  46. Asia Doss –down from No. 43
  47. Mikayla Waterman – same
  48. Sydney Brackmyre – same
  49. Mychal Johnson – down from 39
  50. Chatrice White – in for first time