On the left is Jada Matthews of Team Final, on the right is Jada Matthews of the Cal Sparks.  Both are division one prospects. (Photo by John Sears)
On the left is Jada Matthews of Team Final, on the right is Jada Matthews of the Cal Sparks. Both are division one prospects. (Photo by John Sears)

Double the talent with Jada Matthews

April 24, 2013 - 3:00pm

There was a Jada Matthews sighting this weekend at the Boo Williams Invitational in Norfolk, Va.

And what's amazing is that Jada Matthews was playing on two courts at the same time.

As it turns out -- there are actually two talented young women in the 2014 class with the name Jada Matthews.

The similarities, however, do not stop there. Both stand six feet tall, play the forward position and they even share the same high school jersey number (22). 

Jada Matthews of Long Beach Poly in California first discovered Jada Matthews of Winslow Township High School in New Jersey after searching for her name on the Internet.

“There was a whole bunch of articles about Jada Matthews and I was like, ‘I don’t remember having all these games.’  When I clicked on them I found out it was Jada Matthews from the Philadelphia area and then I realized she plays the same position as me and she has the exact same name. It was crazy.”

Meanwhile Jada Matthews on the East Coast had a similar experience.

“Last year, my AAU coach saw my name online and wanted to know if I played in an AAU tournament in California without telling him.“

It’s not just AAU coaches who are confused; dozens of college coaches have mixed up the two top 100 recruits, calling the wrong camp so often that it has been come a running joke with both families.

“Just two weeks ago a coach called at midnight and woke my wife up,” said Peter Matthews who said the coach called New Jersey instead of California.  “We’re used to it by now.”

What isn’t confusing is the talent level of the young ladies, who are both Division I prospects.

East Coast Jada, who has verbally committed to George Washington, led Winslow Township High School (11-13) with 17 points and 10 rebounds per game and an appearance in the second round of the New Jersey state tournament.

Meanwhile, West Coast Jada averaged nine points and seven rebounds per game and scored a game high 14 points to lead nationally ranked Long Beach Poly (29-5) past Berkley for a California state championship.  She is currently being recruited by several dozen schools, including Kentucky, Ole Miss, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pepperdine, Davidson, Utah, San Jose State and the University of San Diego.

The two met in person for the first time this past weekend at Boo Williams -- one plays for Team Final, while the other plays for the Cal Sparks.

"It's been pretty cool," said West Coast Matthews. "It's not every day that you can say there is another Jada Matthews out there playing basketball and she's actually really good."

“I watched her play against Ring City and I like her game a lot,” said Jada about her West Coast double. “She was able to shoot outside, she was a good passer, she penetrates well and plays good defense.”

The two do have some differences. Jada East says her favorite player is Carmelo Anthony while Jada West says Dwayne Wade; one cites blue as her favorite color while the other likes pink; and West Coast Jada says french fries are her favorite snack while East Coast Jade prefers hot wings.

But when asked who they would like to play one-on-one, both said ... Jada Matthews.