No. 33 Jasmine Bell of the Arkansas Mavericks attempts a shot in traffic. (Photo by Simmie Colson)
No. 33 Jasmine Bell of the Arkansas Mavericks attempts a shot in traffic. (Photo by Simmie Colson)

Young talent on display at DFW's Texas Spring Invitational

April 23, 2013 - 7:47am

DALLAS, TX -- As always, when you cover a DFW Elite event you’re going to see some talented players from not only Texas but from the surrounding states. The Texas Spring Invitational showed that the DFW Elite pipeline continues to produce not just next level players but mid-to-high D1 players who will be Fresh 50 contenders along with one or two potential McDonald’s All-Americans in the mix.


Jasmine Bell, 6-1 post, Arkansas New Life

Bell possesses qualities that college coaches dream of.  Not only is she over the magic number of 6-0, she’s strong, finishes well, runs the floor and rebounds on both ends. To sum it all up, she simply gets after it and you better be ready for battle when you go against her.


Darienne Serna, 5-8 guard, MP Elite

Serna caught my eye before the game even started because she was wearing a mask to protect her broken nose.  Turns out she's an aggressive point guard that can handle the ball, attack, finish and shoot, not to mention see the floor.


Moriah Green, 5-6 guard, Oklahoma Magic

My second look at Green showed me she’s added even more to her game. She has improved defensively and her long ball shooting was definitely on point. Throw in the fact that her ball handling enables her to get anywhere on the floor and her pin point no look passes are on the money.

Tyjae Scales, 6-1 post, Cy Fair 15U Platinum

The word “beast” is used too frequently, sort of like "the real deal", but Scales definitely fits the description on both ends in the paint. She’s relentless and goes after everything but the part that is most impressive is, she doesn’t quit until she has it. She is strong and the ability to finish will give her numerous choices at the next level.


Kiara Williams, 6-1 wing/post, Arkansas Mavericks

The Arkansas Mavericks are loaded with talent and several of their players deserved write ups, however what I like about Williams is how she’s learned to explode on the floor. She’s so long and athletic and it’s scary how much untapped potential she has. She has the ability to start and finish the fast break, which is a rare trait, you can also count her to go after everything in the paint.

Calveion Landrum, 5-10 guard, DFW Elite 2016

My advice to college coaches is; start recruiting this young lady early. The freshman can do so many things very well, that whatever is missing won’t be absent very long. She has excellent timing on rebounds and shot blocks, she handles the ball well in traffic and her speed enables her to blow by defenders. Landrum is long, slender and athletic and could be the full package by the time she graduates.


Tia Wright, 5-9 guard, Cy Fair Nike Elite-AC

Last weekend I saw the improvement in Wright’s game and said Tia Wright is “DYNOMITE.” I watched her split two defenders and then go behind her back in traffic for a lay-up, trust me she’s about to explode and I’m talking national level. She can hit the mid-range and showed she could knock down the three. She already has a college physique and the punishment she not only gives but takes and still finishes amazes me.

Seventh grader Zarielle Green is a key contributor for DFW Swift Elite. (photo by Simmie Colson)


Zarielle “Zay” Green, 5-10 guard, DFW Swift Elite

The lone seventh grader on a star studded eighth grade team shows each tournament she belongs. She’s long and athletic and the best part about her game is that she’s fearless. Not many kids this young can pull it off against juniors but she has already proved that she will be a Top 100 caliber player.

Madison Williams, 5-10 post, DFW Elite Goodspeed

Williams plays the five for DFW Goodspeed, but before it’s over she might be able to play all five positions. She has a college ready body right now and her physique is only a tip of the iceberg. She blocked a shot under the other teams basket then took it coast-to-coast passing four, maybe five defenders for the basket. She attacks against anyone and that athleticism gives her several options to finish.


Deja Kelly, 5-5 guard, South Texas Hoyas-Gray

It's pretty impressive that Kelly, who is not even in middle school yet, is able to play up and consistenly compete and contribute against older more experienced players.  This rising star can handle the ball, she can attack and finish and also hit the mid-range and three consistently. All this fifth grader needs is to grow and get stronger, trust me she has a bright future.



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Just to reiterate what you wrote, Calveion "Juicy" Landrum is the REAL DEAL!!! That DFW 2016 is squad is a beast, went 5-0. Good job in your coverage. Keep up the good work.