Jordin Canada, class of 2014, is a top point guard from Windward High School in California.

Jordin Canada narrows her list

January 24, 2013 - 9:00am
Junior point guard Jordin Canada of Windward Academy is ranked No. 3 in the Full Court Fresh 50. (Photo by Kelly Kline)

Junior point guard Jordin Canada of Windward Academy is ranked No. 3 in the Full Court Fresh 50. (Photo by Kelly Kline)

In December, Windward Academy rolled undefeated through the G Division at the prestigious Nike Tournament of Champions, and some questioned why the nationally ranked team wasn't in the top E Division. Nonetheless, it was another great weekend of basketball for Windward's star point guard Jordin Canada, who is ranked No. 3 in the 2014 Full Court Fresh 50.  Jordin continued to show her high basketball IQ by knowing when to score and when to pass, which is just one of the many reasons why she is one of the most coveted floor generals in the nation. Now back in California, Windward has continued its ascent in the national rankings (currently No. 7 according to Max Preps) and are still perfect with a 19-0 record.


FC: How did you feel after winning your division at the TOC?

JC: It's been a great experience. We played with a lot of heart and resilience. I love playing with this team and I'm proud we came out here and battled until the end.

FC: What did winning in Phoenix do for your team? Did it give you momentum?

JC: Yeah, definitely. This last game, Miramonte pressed us and we haven't been pressed so far this year, so that was a good experience helping us get better.  And overall the tournament was a great help for us.

FC: What's your baller style?

JC: Uhm, I don't know. I'm not a sneaker head, but I do tend to have a little bit of style. I wear shin pads, I take after Rajon Rondo because I really like his game.

FC: If you could play one-on-one with anyone, who would it be?

JC: It would be Skylar Diggins. I love her IQ, she steps up when they need a leader, she's a great team captain. I just love the way she runs the floor -- and she always keeps her teammates in it.  

FC: How much to you watch the women's game and what players have you watched growing up?

JC: I watch the women's game a lot.  I watched Ivory Latta when she played for North Carolina -- I kinda thought that I wanted to play like her, I always loved her game.

FC: Is there another high school player in the country who's game you really dig or someone you' d like to go head-to-head with?

JC: I'd say Recee Caldwell. We're kinda like best friends, and I love her game. She's very competitive, and I love her attitude on the floor. She can shoot, she can dribble -- she can do everything and I love her competitiveness.

FC: How's the recruiting process going and have you formed any kind of list yet?

JC: The recruiting process is going great. My top five choices are:  USC, Tennessee, Cal, Stanford and UCONN not in any particular order.  I am also leaving my recruiting open to other schools as well.

FC:  Have you taken any visits to any of the school you listed, if so what was your impression?

JC: I have only taken a visit to USC -- since it is local.  I was very impressed with USC.  Their reputation speaks for itself, they have a 100 percent graduation rate amongst their athletes. I'll be taking the other visits in the fall of my senior year.

FC: Tell me about your family. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

JC:  I have an older brother who's 21 -- he's into music. He's in a hip-hop group called Ages of the Earth. They are promoting their new mix tape right now.

FC: Besides basketball, what do you see yourself getting into in the future?

JC: I actually want to go into medicine, I want to be a neonatal nurse. I love babies, so I want to be able to take care of babies one day.