2013 WNBA Signings

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The biggest signing so far is Lindsey Harding to LA... She's the best PG in the league!  This is a HUGE blow to ATL... Harding was holding that team together!

LA was always a contender in the west... but now they are looking better than ever!

The east looks PATHETIC... let's hope that Bill Lambiert can work some magic to make things interesting.

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I'm not sure that Harding is

I'm not sure that Harding is the best PG in the league ... she's a 26% three-point shooter and her A/TO is a respectable but not outstanding 1.7.

She also switches teams every two years, which if not a red flag, is at least yellow ...


Still, a very, very good player and a great fit with L.A.


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Who's better

Who is better than harding?  Lindsey Whalen... is the only one who has an edge on her.

Sue Bird is aging out... as are Kara Lawson and Becky Hammon...

Ivory Latta switches teams even more than Harding.

Vandersloot has a lot of room for improvement.

Briann January is coming along nicely, but nowhere near Harding

Quite frankly it's surprising how few good PG's there are in the league!

Maybe Diggins is going to be more valuable than people realize



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If we're playing tonight,

If we're playing tonight, I'll take Bird or Whalen over Harding.


If we're building a franchise, it's a different question.