Geno and many other coaches at Flava Jam...Where will Brianna Turner commit?

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Geno was in the building for a full day watching both DFW games, Shea Ralph was there both Friday and Saturday.  UConn continues to woo Brianna Turner...

But also in the house were a bunch of other major BCS coaches: Dawn Staley, Muffett McGraw, Nikki Caldwell, Matthew Mitchell, Vivian Stringer, Gary Blair, Sherri Coale, Joanne P. McCallie, Andy Landers and Kelly Harper.

Who has the best chance?  So far Turner has taken unofficials to Connecticut, Baylor, LSU, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Texas A&M...


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Coaches live in airports this

Coaches live in airports this time of year. Head coaches will often hit three tournaments in the same weekend, while assistants can at least stay in the same hotel for two days in a row.

Turner looked a lot better at USA Basketball, and she's a great player, but I don't know if she's really going to turn out to be the best in her class by the time she's a college senior. 

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Clay not only has she added

Clay not only has she added more to her game, she also thinks the game a lot better. With that being said, I totally agree with you because you never know how this stuff will turn out. 

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It's interesting that Turner

It's interesting that Turner has taken a second visit to Connecticut... when she put out her top 5 list at the end of November  - Baylor, Connecticut, Duke, Notre Dame & Stanford, Notre Dame - she had already taken unofficials to Baylor, UConn & Duke...

So, now, she's taken a second visit to UConn Before she's taken a first visit to Notre Dame or Stanford.... (although her visit to UConn did entail the Huskies getting beaten by ND)

When you look at who will need Bigs, Stephanie Dolson will be graduating from UConn, Brittney Griner will be long gone from Baylor and Notre Dame has Kristina Nelson coming in, although she's not anywhere near the caliber of Turner...Williams will still have a year left at Duke by 2014-15 season and Stanford, they have Erica McCall.... I'd say it's looking good for UConn & Baylor

I think Tennessee got bumped from the list because Mercedes Russell committed....

Anwhere she chooses, Turner is one of the best in the country and will have a huge impact... a great young lady with a great attitude and desire to compete at the highest level.


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I actually don't seeTurner as

I actually don't seeTurner as a pure big. I think her full value is as a three/four, given her athleticism. If she can develop a 15-footer, which certainly seems possible, she'd be a very tough cover as a forward.

As a center, I think her mobility won't be taken advantage of, and bigger posts (Kai James, say) might just beat her up.