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I dont know how many of you have the chance to watch central Texas girls basketball.  But it would be worth your time to watch Baylee Peck at Rouse High School in Leander, TX.  Baylee is a true point guard...

Baylee controls the game, and has no problem breaking down the defense with her ability to handle the ball.  She also has no problem taking it inside and dishing to the open player, or finishing at the rim..

If you enjoy a person that can play defense then you are in for a treat.  She has one of the best smothering defenses I have ever seen.

She is averaging 12 points, 5 steals, 5 assissts and 3 rebounds per game. 

She is still learning and improving and has time since she is only a Jr.


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What AAU team is she on?

What AAU team does Baylee play for?  We've been to a number of Texas events this year and there is a good chance one of our scouts have seen her.

Also, how do you know Baylee, does she play for you... are you a parent or a fan?


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One of the problems with

One of the problems with Texas high school teams is that they never travel out of state. The coaches seem to feel that Texas basketball is so good they don't need to go anywhere else, but it does cut down on exposure for a lot of players -- especially those that don't land on elite AAU teams.