2013 UCONN Recruits

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UCONN Recruit Karlie Samuelson just verballed to Stanford leaving UCONN with just four recruits remaining on the board. Three of the four have been offered scholarships(Saniya Chong, Linnae Harper, and Erica McCall) and the fourth Jannah Tucker who has not been offered.

Saniya Chong seems like the best chance for UCONN, but what I felt was once a sure verbal doesn't seem so sure now.

Linnae Harper is a recruit that I don't know to much about and have no idea which team leads or even which teams she is interest in.

Erica McCall, which UCONN is very high on is also being recruited by Stanford. If Erica is accepted by Stanford she will definitely go there. Who in their right mind would turn down a Stanford education?

Jannah Tucker was added to the UCONN Recruit list after Diamond Deshields verballed to North Carolina. Since she is a Maryland girl and is being heavily recruited by Maryland, I seriously doubt she ends up at UCONN.

I guess the bottom line is, if UCONN doesn't sign anyone from the 2013 class will it be a disaster for them? UCONN will have nine players available for the 2013-14 season. Seven of them are top level and two of them are role players.

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Jannah Tucker

Jannah is rumored to be leaning toward Tennessee according to a couple of DMV insiders.  She will soon be taking her 2nd unofficial to Tennessee. 

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I saw all four at USA

I saw all four at USA Basketball, and my favorite in the group is Linnae Harper. She's just a great basketball player -- doesn't really have a position, though she's a really good 5-7 power forward. She just plays the game ...

Chong looked like she has a ways to go to adjust to high-level play. She's not that strong yet, and she struggled against the elite competition.

McCall is an athletic three-four who needs a perimeter game to move from good to great, but she's going to help whatever college team she lands with.

Turner is a tall two-guard who isn't particularly flashy but is solid in every aspect.