How good is Skylar Diggins?

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Yes, she scored 33 points in a big game, and she is a big-game player.

But it also seemed like Tennessee had no idea she was left-handed, and allowed her to get to the hoop on her strong hand way too often. She also took advantage of the Vols' inability to defend a weakside elbow screen for a couple easy baskets as well.

I think she'll be a good pro, but I'm not convinced she'll be special. I don't think she's an elite defender, and though I now feel she'll be better than Candice Wiggins, I'm not sure she'll be that much better than the Minnesotra reserve.

In the college game, she's obviously very good, and as mentioned, she can really rise to the occasion ... but I think she's a clear third in the Three to See race behind Brittney Griner and Elena Delle Donne, no matter what Weezy says.





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I disagree >>> Diggins will be a top pro

I believe Diggins will go second in the draft.  Chicago is in need of a true point guard and Courtney Vandersloot isn't going to be enough now that Ticha Penichiero has retired... and Chicago needs a point guard more than they need a small forward (Delle Donne)

How good is Diggins?  I think she will be great at the next level based on her mental toughness.  She's the type of player who wills her team to win.  I don't agree with Clay....Diggins will be a top level pro at the point position... She can defend (and will get better at this as a pro), she has a knockdown three pointer, she can get to the rim -- she knows how to lead a team and especially how to control the tempo of a game....  If it wasn't for Brittney Griner, Diggins would already have a national championship.

Secondly... she fits the WNBA model of the type of player they like to push to the front... Athletic, beautiful, has a boyfriend.... I think she will be the face of the next WNBA ad campaign.  I see her being the Lisa Leslie of this generation and getting all kinds of endorsements.... but only if she can get on a winning team in a major market... This will be tough if she does go to Tulsa. 

FYI...Mike Thibault was at the Tennessee vs Notre Dame game... There may be reason to believe Diggins will fall to the fourth spot and end up in Washington?  Or  maybe Thibault is cooking up some kind of trade deal?  Who knows>>> But I DO think Diggins will be a star at the next level.

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IMHO, Skylar Diggins has always been elite (in academics, in character, in family involvement and in BBB) and she contiunes to grow toward becoming ultra elite.

One of the many many FANtastic things about WBB is that U do not have to be mega tall to contribute big time. Sky may be 5'9" but she contributes, IMHO again, like she is 6'9".

EQ, toughmindness, emotional intelligence may be the quintessential center points in athletics success. For me, SD4 is among the three highest EQ people to ever be in the WBB game, the others being Pat Summit and Lisa Leslie.

My fondest dream is to have my birth City team, The Chicago Sky, honor Merica by taking her 2nd in the draft.

Plz know I luv, respect and honor EDD big time but the Sky is in a "league of her own."

The Chgo Sky has the best or one of the best wings ever in @pipendagreat (scored 113 pts in a HS game, tied for the WNBA record with three 30+ games in a row). The Chgo Sky can benefit by strengthening their ball handling.

The Chgo Sky already has plenty of height. 

And Chicago and America needs SD4's follwership (291,806 up over 7k in Jan) to draw lots and lots more people into coming to and following games. ND's football fans and Merica's 68 million Catholics are prime candidates. I am hopeful that not only Wheezy and Common will get to a game(s), but possibly that Ice Cube and others will attend too.

And the double fit is incredible. The Sky with SD4 will have two of ND's top ever players with @ruthriley00 already on the team. In terms of MEDIA DELIGHT, Sky playing for the Sky can become a bonanza!

And please note SD4 is challenging four all time elite ND records -- points, steals, assists and combo points/rebounds/assists -- held by four different former ND mega stars. It may be that she has been green lighted as of the UT game and may get lots of minutes from here on out.

Finally, SD4 is, in a sense coachable, on two levels. She has raved about what she has learned from M MCGraw and crew and they and ALL of her teammates have ultra raved about what she has been able to contribute as the team leader and A COACH ON THE FLOOR.

Please know, I attended ND in the magical Parseghian era and here and in other posts in other settings I tend to vision really positive things about WBB in general and especially about ND. 

In closing, for me, SD4 is forefront among lots of true American Treasures. She is, for me, to WBB, what Colin Powel is to the Military and Statehood.












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I don't doubt Diggins'

I don't doubt Diggins' personality traits and ability to rise to the occasion ... nor her local ties.

But Stephanie White at Purdue had much the same pedigree, and when Indiana drafted her, she had no impact at all. Why? Because she didn't play, and Indiana didn't win. 

Lindsay Whalen was supposed to be a big draw in Minnesota, but until the Lynx started winning games, her effect on attendance was invisible.

Now I do think Diggins will have a better pro career than White, but I'm concerned about her position. She averages 3.4 turnovers a game in college, and I just don't see her as a pure point guard. She is not blindingly quick, and I don't think you can play her and Courtney Vandersloot at the same time, or her and Epiphanny Prince, at the same time. 

Sure, she might have some impact on attendance, but WNBA history shows there is very little (almost none, as a matter of fact) carryover in attendance from college to the WNBA. The only thing that impacts WNBA attendance is wins, so the question is whether Diggins will help the Sky win more games than Delle Donne -- and I just don't think so.


First, Delle Donne has a chance to be one of the great players in the game. She's a 6-5 shooter who is more than capable of leading the league in scoring multiple times and being not only an all-star, but MVP. There are legitimate questions about her, granted, but if she lives up to her enormous potential, she will be a better pro than Diggins.

Second, last year Chicago started Tamera Young at the three -- and EDD is a much bigger upgrade there than Diggins instead of Vandersloot.

So if Chicago wants to maximize its chances of winning games, and championships, Delle Donne is the better call, in the short and long run. Diggins has a lot going for her, but I don't see her having the same potential impact on a franchise as Delle Donne, who can do more things and is 6-5.

I would be surprised if Chicago passed on Delle Donne, who is blond, attractive and would be as much a media sensation as Diggins, given her back story. That sends Diggins to Tulsa, where she will have a bigger role immediately and a chance to develop without as much scrutiny.


Barring injury, I expect both to have long WNBA careers -- but Delle Donne is Hall of Fame material, and I'm not convinced Diggins will be.




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I agree with you, Clay....

Every sport has college stars that don't duplicate their success in the pros, and vice versa. I think, of all sports, it is *most* true in WBB. Even the very best players must possess a "have ball, will travel internationally, for 6+ months a year" mindset. I think Diggins has her *perfect* BB fit, right now, at ND. Hometown girl. She's "THE Woman." Lots of U.S. TV eyeballs, bright lights, positive pub and star power. A 5-month, 40-game college season. "Uber-Clutch", "Savvy", and "Ice Water In Your Veins" can win you a *ton* of college games. And being drop-dead gorgeous hasn't hurt, either. But I just don't see SD4 being able to put a pro team on her back, like she has ND. To me, the pros are just so much more "exploit your skill-set/physical strength advantages" based. I honestly don't think SD4 possesses either. She's buff, but I'm quite concerned she'll physically wear down. Put SD4 on ESPN Big Monday, against UConn? She'll be a 10 out of 10. My concern for her is in the W. Vs Tulsa. In July. In front of maybe 900 people. With a 0.1 rating on the NBA Network, if she's lucky. Or her playing in the Russian league, next January. Bright lights? Gone. In the U.S., only her parents will even know she has a game that night. I just think SD4 uses the "big event" card as "rocket fuel" to raise her level, as much as anyone else I've seen. No knock on her - it's just in her DNA. I think she'll miss that a lot. I'm a big fan, and I wish her well. 

EDD? So glad she's been healthy the last month +. If her Lyme disease issues were definitely resolved, I'd feel much better about her long-term pro value. Other careers have ended way early, for less than this malady. EDD is a breathtakingly special talent. As a pro, I have another major worry: Since she was 8, every team that she's ever been on has made "special accommodations", to utilize her unique skill set, as has Delaware. I fault no one for this. My concern? Does EDD know *any* other way to function on the BB court? I truly hope so. But how can anyone honestly answer "yes" with confidence? She's never had to. I have always been a big EDD fan - I love watching her play. And I also much respect her relationship with her older sister. But, just a 4 hour drive away from DE, up in Storrs, CT, proved to be outside EDD's "physical comfort zone" 5 years ago. Have the years helped either/both, on that score? To the point where EDD would now be comfortable living halfway around the world, playing in the Turkish League, for example? It would hasten her pro development. If I were Pokey Chatman, GM for the Sky, I'd surely be asking EDD/her doctors, about these three issues. And praying that I got back the answers I wanted. Because although EDD is the clear BB talent choice over SD4, Chicago *is* only 94 miles from South Bend, and Skylar could be a tempting "#2 pick, Plan B" option.....     


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The received wisdom is that

The received wisdom is that in a basketball trade, the team that gets the best player is the winner.

The only question to me about whether EDD is better than Diggins is her health ... and presumably Pokey Chatman will do her due diligence. A healthy EDD will be a better WNBA player than Diggins, and maybe even a great WNBA player. Diggins can be good, but I don't see her as great.