Harlem Shake -- women's basketball style

February 22, 2013 - 11:02am

Over the last month the Harlem Shake has taken over Youtube with thousands of very creative videos being uploaded.  Getting in the mix are dozens of girls and women's basketball teams from around the country.  We had a good laugh watching dozens of videos posted by team and many get very creative with their costumes and dance styles! Proof that playing basketball is hilarious and fun!  We've compiled what we think are the the top 10 Harlem Shake videos by women's basketball teams.

***Note: be patient it takes a minute to load 10 Youtube videos

#1) We love that about 500 Greenbay fans turned out in crazy outfits to support the women's team!!  Cudo's to the Phoenix fans!

#2) The BSHS girls basketball team got very creative with their video shooting in three different locations around the school.

#3) The St. Mary's-Colgon girls basketball gets the award for best swimsuit!

#4) The Nebraska women's basketball team also got in the mix... proof that mid-west girls can dance! Plus we love the basketball strobe lights!

#5) Eastern Michigan gets the award for best use of a fedora.... Is that head coach Tori Verdi? Hilarious!

#6) Washington just makes you bell laugh! Way to turn defensive drills into a dance-off!

#7) We love the UConn Huskies supporting the Play4Kay game! Best use of Pink!

#8) Stevens Point Area High School celebrated winning back to back Wisconsin Valley Conference Championships by doing the Harlem Shake... I'm not sure who's having more fun, the girls or the coaches!

#9) The Tug Valley High School girls basketball team in West Virginia get's props for winning the region championship... and best use of their trophy!

#10) Best locker room scene goes to the Brien McMahon girls basketball team from Connecticut... Love their costumes!